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Lake of the Ozarks Eco Friendly Living

A Green Home Is A Healthy Home

A Green Eco-Friendly Home has 3 major goals:

1. To be energy efficient
2. To conserve natural resources
3. To maintain air quality in the home

Bolivar Insulation Solutions has products that address all three.

A well designed and eco-friendly home uses as little energy as possible and uses renewable energy when possible. There are many effective strategies for reducing the use of natural resources and energy use including green building products and green building methods.

Bolivar Insulation Solutions is the Lake Areas Energy Specialist that employs 3 BPI Energy Auditors and a LEED GA.
They sell a variety of products and services including; blown or batt insulation as well as open and closed cell spray foam insulation, replacement windows, siding, soffit & fascia and seamless gutters and their newest product will eliminate moisture and humidity from the crawl space of your home

Your home is only as healthy as the air quality in it

This is often the most over looked area of your personal health, but is the most important area to address.
This is the environment you spend the majority of your time in and the quality of air you breathe is a major contributor to health issues. Mold and mildew are very common and are a result of leaks, not just water but air leaks as well, if air can move through a wall or floor so does moisture. Mold and mildew can cause a variety of health issues and a poorly designed, maintained or outdated building envelope can be a contributor to this problem. The most important aspect of our indoor health and building efficiency is many times the most overlooked……

Your Crawl Space is Essential to Your Homes Health

We now know that venting a crawl space to the outside in a humid environment is just plain wrong, it would be no different than taking all the windows out of a basement and claiming that’s the proper way to ventilate your home. The fact is your crawl space should be treated no differently than you would a basement, it should be sealed and dehumidified. To dry your crawl space of all moisture that causes mold and rot is impossible by open outside vents in a humid environment. If your home ever smells musty after being closed up you already have a mold problem, this leads to premature failure of the structure and health issues for its occupants, including but not limited to allergies and asthma.

  • Did you know that up to 50% of the air on your first floor comes from the crawl space or basement?
  • Did you know that by properly sealing and dehumidifying your crawl space will improve the energy efficiency by 15% to 30%?

This is one of the most Eco-friendly, Energy Saving Products I have seen and if I had to pick only one thing to do, if my home had a crawl space, this would be it.

If you have a crawl space you need this system
Call Bolivar Insulation Solutions Today!

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