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Easy way to test your air conditioning efficiency

Easy way to test your HVAC efficiency

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Recovery Act Announcement – Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Investing in energy efficiency is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways reduce the energy bills in your home,” said Secretary Chu. “We want to make sure that families that made those investments are taking advantage of the Recovery Act tax credits

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Geothermal Gaining Ground

Geothermal systems, which use the relatively stable and moderate temperature of the ground as an energy source, are piquing the interest of green-minded builders as an efficient and clean alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems.

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A Control moisture to prevent mold.B Isolate garage from living  areas.C Install fresh air ventilation and filtration.D Keep water away  from foundation.E Use low-VOC building materials.F Use low-VOC paints  and finishes.

Indoor Air Quality Problems

Most people tie “air quality” issues to the outside—air pollution from cars and factories or smog, haze, and ozone; however, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that inside air can actually be more seriously polluted than outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

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New Standards For Indoor Quality

Tighter homes and increasingly stringent residential energy-use standards put whole-house heat- and energy-recovery ventilators in the spotlight.

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What Do Water Treatment Systems Have To Do With Eco Friendly Living?

Water purified for drinking at the point of use and water softened at the point of entry is one of the most eco friendly products you can have in your home.
Water treatment and water conservation will always be a major component of an eco-friendly home.

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Geothermal Is Future

The good news is this advanced heating and cooling system is here today. It’s called Geo-exchange and thousands of homeowners nationwide are already reaping the benefits, including higher comfort levels and lower utility bills.

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